Concealed Caddy™ (Model 100)

Regular price $79.00

The Concealed Caddy™ is a lined leather case to be used as a way to carry concealed while driving, which has easy access to your firearm.  The Concealed Caddy™ has a soft leather lining to protect your firearm.  You will have easy and quick access to your firearm with use of two snaps.  

The Model 100 will hold a gun the size of a Glock 19 (7.36 inches) or smaller.  If your firearm is longer than this measurement you will need the larger Model 200.  

The Concealed Caddy™ is very portable and can be used or moved between vehicles.  It can also be used as a nice gun case in your gun bag.  

See more information at or watch the video below.

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