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Seecamp - Horsehide

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Horsehide is more moisture resistant than cowhide.  If you sweat a lot, then the horsehide construction is very beneficial.  Horsehide is slightly stiffer than cowhide and the flesh side of the holster is a little smoother than cowhide.  Therefore, horsehide does offer a little smoother draw than cowhide.  Horsehide has a little more of a matte finish compared to cowhide.

The Bear Creek Holster for the Seecamp is right-handed (as shown). Our back pocket holsters are designed to be used either as a front or back pocket holster. The back panel is removable by removing two Chicago screws. When used as a back pocket holster it will print as a wallet in your pocket.  

Quality built to last!

The holster fits all three calibers of Seecamp (.25, .32, .380). 

Material: Horsehide
Handed: Right

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